EVLN: Volvo's 1st hatchback EV arrives in 2019 r:310mi
Volvo EV: What the all-electric Model 3 rival will look like
Jan 29, 2018  Volvo’s first all-electric car will arrive in 2019 as an
entirely new model, but it turns out the automaker has already shown us just
what we can expect …
EVLN: GM sez their EVs will be profitable by 2021
GM reckons it will make profits on electric vehicles by 2021
10 Jan 2018  According to Reuters, GM chief executive officer Mary Barra has
made a promise to investors that the company will make a profit on selling
EV by 2021. In November 2017 at a Wall Street function hosted by Barclays,
Barra told analysts that GM is developing an all-new platform for battery
electric vehicles that is different to ...

Vahana - Pilotless, Electric Vehicle From Airbus Successfully Tested
February 3 , 2018  Airbus on Friday announced that they have successfully
held the first test flight of Vahana- an electric, pilotless flying vehicle
that will have the capacity to ship people around cities. The Wednesday
flight at a test range in the US territory of Oregon kept going for a
minute, with the airplane lifting up five meters (16 feet) starting ...
Airbus Vahana Unmanned Electric Vehicle Takes First Flight
Feb 2, 2018  The self-piloted, electric, vertical-takeoff-and-landing
aircraft out of Airbus Group's advanced projects outpost in Silicon Valley,
A3 (“A-cubed”), has completed its first full-scale flight test Wednesday.
According to a press release on the outpost's website, the aircraft reached
a height of 16 feet at the Pendleton UAS Range in ...
Cadillac Set to Receive a “Disproportionate” Share of GM’s Upcoming Electric
January 31, 2018  Cadillac could soon be returning to its roots as the GM
brand where new technology is introduced to the masses. A few months ago,
The News Wheel reported that Buick would likely lead the …
Nissan brain-to-vehicle technology: What if cars could read your mind?
Jan 27 2018  Now, Japanese car-maker Nissan has unveiled a new
brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology that will enable autonomous cars to learn
from the human brain and ... which is still in the concept stage, will be a
part of autonomous vehicles ... the autonomous system in the vehicle will
able to take actions—such as turning the steering wheel or slowing the car

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