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This cord on Amizon says it can do both 240 and 120.  It appears to have a
short extension cord that takes the 240v 20A plug on the EVSE and converts
it to a 120v 20 amp plug.  But it is impossible to see from the photo since
the view of the plug that should be the 120v 20A plug could be upside down
or right side up.  And that makes all the difference in the two blades?


Most/all EVSEs work on both 120vac and 240vac. Perhaps excepting the EVSEs supplied with new cars. Another example:

The problem is that adapters from <whateverisonEVSE> to <whateveryouwanttoplug> is unreasonably expensive. Generally, around $50 each. Of course you can fairly easily make whatever adapter you need but with a cosmetic penalty. Or, cut the existing plug off and replace it with what you need.

~6 months ago, I bought a Dusoida off of eBay, made a kludgey 14-50 adapter and left it hanging on a fence in the weather. It does seem to be pretty weather tight. I've had poorer results with JuiceBoxes. JBs will also work on 120 and 240.
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