Japanese electric car has set a new record speed acceleration
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(Японский электромобиль установил новый рекорд скорости разгона -
Japanese electric car set a new record of the acceleration speed)
The weight of the record Aspark OWL is just 850 kilograms.

On the test track in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan on February 11 of this year
took place on speed races electric supercar Aspark OWL.

According to the telemetry the car in the first race, dispersed from 0 to
100 km/h for 1.89 seconds. During the second race the result was slightly
worse – 1,921 s.

However, the company at the auto show in Frankfurt, the indicator of the
dynamics of acceleration to 100 km/h in 2 seconds was confirmed on the track
polygon. Double supercar is equipped with two 40-kilowattage elektromotory,
each of which actuates its pair of wheels.

Due to the low weight (850 kg) and the streamline body made of composite
materials the car has extreme performance.

All-wheel-drive car is able to overcome on a single charge of batteries and
supercapacitors set to 150 km and a top speed claimed at 280 km/h.

Aspark Owl EV supercar launch videos claim 62 mph in under 2 seconds
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