EVLN: Porsche sez MissionE maintains hi-speeds longer than Tesla-S
Porsche claims all-electric Mission E will maintain high-speeds longer than
Tesla’s Model S
Mar. 1st 2018  We know that for a while now Porsche has been benchmarking
its upcoming first all-electric vehicle, the Mission E, against Tesla's
Model S. While the latter's current version seems to already beat many
announced performance specs of the former, we have always believed that
track performance and long high power ...
EVLN: Ironbutt (Terry Hershner)& dog Charger on his e-motorcycle
"Electric Terry" interview p2: The Ironbutt, Charger the dog ...
Mar 1, 2018  "Electric Terry" Hershner now rides with Charger, a canine
companion whose sled dog genes get her extremely excited when she's riding
in a pack ... I'm constantly on my toes now, wondering if some car's going
to drive by with a cute little German Shepherd sticking its head out the
window, and I'm going to have to fight for ... And now you could use
alternative fuels and electric vehicles. .... I've got one other strap that
ties her to the bike, but if there was ever an accident, that one would
break ...

Details on Porsche's 
More Details on Porsche’s Mission E Electric Sedan: Yes, It’ll Have a Frunk
February 28, 2018  Porsche's Mission E electric-car development has reached
singularity, it seems. The automaker claims that “the entire company is
working towards a single goal” of offering, as its head of battery-electric
vehicles, Stefan Weckbach, says in remarks released by the company, “a fully
electric Porsche which is a perfect fit for ...
Porsche Electric Vehicle To Launch In Early 2020 In India
28 February 2018  While the details about the upcoming Porsche electric
vehicle is not disclosed, the brand is expected to closely follow the
Mission-E concept model that was displayed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Also, this car will surely come delivering high level performance. Porsche
is expecting to see good response with this ...

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