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Elon Musk has the technical ability to engineer his own solar vehicle but in an 
effort to learn from others Tesla has sponsored the Crusier Class of the world 
Solar Challenge and in 2015 Stella Lux set a record during the race by going 
932 miles on one charge over two days. This includes energy from the solar 
panels while racing. This feat is the high point for the solar team at 
Eindhoven University in Holland. Because of this success of the Dutch the rules 
were changed in 2017 reducing the area of the solar panel. The Dutch answer was 
to increase the passenger load to 5 from 4 and decrease drag producing a 
vehicle almost as good as Stella Lux and still winning the class. The only 
question is when will Musk decide to mass produce a similar practical family 
vehicle. In my opinion the World Solar challenge should drop all classes that 
race rolling ping pong tables and concentrate on mass producible practical 
passenger vehicles. Maybe even an RV and truck class. The below URL contains s
 ome of his comments.  Lawrence Rhodes
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