EVLN: Guide4 retrieving a Tesla's black box crash-data recorder
Tesla publishes guide to retrieving crash event data from a vehicle’s black
box recorder
Mar 7, 2018  As noted by artificial intelligence developer Dr. Lance B.
Eliot in an AI Trends report, the data that Tesla cited during the
investigation of the fatal Model S crash back in 2016 actually came from the
electric car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU), not its EDR. As the NTSB found
out during its investigation, Tesla is quite protective ...
EVLN: Brexit decisions> (?a risk to UK's EV industry?)
Brexit could hurt UK's electric car industry
Mar 07, 2018  Analysts and top industry executives say that uncertainty over
the UK's departure from the European Union has delayed crucial investments
in electric vehicle technology and forced automakers to make alternative
plans. Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth added fuel to those worries on
Tuesday, saying he urgently needed ...

Germany to Convert Unused Telcom Boxes for Electric Car ...
March 5, 2018  An extra 12,000 charging stations for electric cars are to
come on stream in Germany within the next two years thanks to a mass
conversion of distribution boxes. There are currently 10,800 electric
charging points in the country, but plans by telecoms giant Telekom to
convert their distribution box network have been widely ...

(pv evse)
City of Oakland Deploys EV ARC Products for Employee Charging ...
March 08, 2018  EV ARC fits inside a parking space, without reducing
available parking, and generates enough clean solar electricity to power up
to 225 miles of EV driving in a day. The system's solar electrical
generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak which causes the array to follow the
(?over-unity?) UT's bilevel equalizer prolongs pack life (v)
University of Toledo engineer finds power from near-death experience
Mar 10, 2018  Ms. Mubenga, assistant professor of electrical engineering,
recently developed a bilevel equalizer to prolong battery life in electric
vehicles, planes, and grid stations. When Ms. Mubenga was 17, she was
hospitalized in her hometown of Kikwit in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo. She needed surgery to remove her ...

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