EVLN: 2seat 'Bolt Incomplete' (custom configurable)
Chevy Bolt Incomplete is coming, with no back seat
Autoblog (blog)-14 hours ago
The little electric four-door could serve small-item delivery fleets that
travel less than 238 miles in a day, that specifically want an EV of a
certain size. It's not clear how much Chevy will charge for the cargo-fied
Bolt, but we're not sure it would replace the commercial Chevy Spark since
the difference in up-front cost is roughly ...
EVLN: Wakker's EV trek around the world> (repaired in Indonesia)
Meet the man driving around the world in an electric car (who’s stuck in
7th March 2018  “I've run into a lot of problems which I'm solving at the
moment. Mechanics from Holland need to fly in.” Stuck in Surabaya, Indonesia
for more than two months, his electric vehicle dubbed the Blue Bandit had
broken down after making it all the way from Amsterdam in the Netherlands

German automakers unveil design of their own high-powered ...
Mar. 7th 2018  Now it gets a new design more worthy of its significance for
European electric car deployment. Home Solar Power. The company describes
the new design: “As if it were floating, the light box sits like a roof over
the slender vertical pylon, giving the charging station the appearance of a
beacon, an effect, which is particularly ...;strip=all&w=1600
Jaguar is adding artificial motor sounds to its all-electric I-Pace
Mar. 7th 2018  The quietness of electric motors is one of many advantages
that electric vehicles have over cars powered by internal combustion
engines, but some automakers don't necessarily see it exactly like that.
This is why Jaguar is even adding artificial motor sounds to its new
all-electric I-Pace ...

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