I received a request to help an owner of 2011 Leaf to revitalize his

The car (and owner) are in Kansas City, which is a bit out of my way,

so I promised the owner to see if I could find someone who would be

to work for a day with remote assistance to swap a Leaf pack.

Tools is not the problem as I have designed a way to swap a pack with
minimal and

standard tools on level floor:

(preferably 2 car garage, side-by-side, but minimum 4ft free next to the

using just a standard mover's furniture dolly, wheeled hydraulic jack
and 2 axle stands.

Plus a Metric ratchet set with 10,12, 13, 16 and 17mm sockets, 3ft water

or other ratchet handle extension, T30 secure torx, small flat blade
screw driver,

*large* flat blade screw driver, break-off knife and standard garden

It can be helpful to have needle nose pliers to remove wire clips,
though the small

flat blade screw driver together with correct strategy in pushing
sideways also works.

Also a straight pry bar or second large screwdriver may be helpful.


The gloves are not for high voltage insulation, but to avoid cuts when
you lift

the module stacks out of the shell as they are heavy.

I have managed always to lift the 3 stacks with 2 persons: the two
quarter stacks

are only 100 lbs each, but the half-pack stack (24 modules on top of
each other)

weighs 200 lbs and requires two healthy individuals and preferably a
second dolly

or cart to roll it around. I have used long bolts or screw drivers
through the 4 holes

in the corners to act as handles to make lifting that 200 lbs more

There is a timelapse of the complete process which takes me most of an



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