That's great ! You'll do them well.
Let me guess, it uses hydrogen :)

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Hi gang,
In the interest of full disclosure,
I like to let you all know that I am about to accept a consulting position
with EMW (Electric Motor Werks) in San Carlos, CA to lead a team
in a project to drive to a new version of a DC Fast Charger.
I can obviously not share any details until the product is announced,
but wanted to pre-empt any questions about my responses on this list
and any comments about EMW - until now I was just a happy customer
of one of their early Juiceboxes (recently acquired a second one) and also
was a supporter of their JuicePlug Kickstarter.
Soon I will get a lot more involved, so that relation will change.
Wish me luck in this new endeavor!
Kind Regards,
Please discuss EV drag racing at NEDRA (

Please discuss EV drag racing at NEDRA (

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