Veteran Battery Producer A123 Systems Invests In Solid-State Battery
Development With Ionic Materials
April 3rd, 2018  Nicolas Zart 


Solid-state lithium battery research and development is red hot, and all
puns unintended, the aim is not only raising the energy density of batteries
but also controlling or avoiding the thermal runaway problems found in
earlier chemistries.
A123 Systems Continues To Innovate With Solid State

A123 Systems Invests Solid-State BatteryIt’s funny to think that we’ve been
typing the words “A123 Systems” for a decade. Back then, the company’s cells
were used in the amazing electric motorcycle (e-motorcycle) dragster called
the KillaCycle. Since then, much has happened and changed at the
batterymaker, and this latest announcement shows it is still going forward
and pushing electric vehicles (EV) into the limelight.

Solid-state batteries theoretically promise more energy density and also
more thermal tolerance, which means less likelihood of a fire. In the latest
series of strategic investments from A123, this one in Ionic Materials, a
company that develops material technology, means A123 has access to a unique
polymer electrolyte that allows for higher levels of safety and performance
in batteries.

The A123 press release adds: “A123 will work jointly with Ionic Materials to
apply their respective innovations in materials, cell design and
manufacturing to achieve new levels of safety in high performing batteries
for plug-in electric vehicles. A123 looks forward to commercializing the
polymer electrolyte technology of Ionic Materials in new products which
substantially extend the breadth of the company’s cell portfolio. This move
further establishes A123’s commitment to targeted innovation in energy
storage technologies which provide exceptional electric driving range at a
highly competitive cost”
A123 Systems Sees The Future With Solid Polymer Electrolyte

A123 Systems is betting on the future potential of what solid polymer
electrolytes can achieve, with reported advances so far being significant
advances in electrolyte/battery operating temperature. Another promising
finding is that the material is compatible with other electrodes.

According to Mike Zimmerman, Founder and CEO of Ionic Materials, “We are
excited to work with A123 and feel that their scientific talent and
automotive relationships will accelerate the adoption of our technology in
electric vehicles globally.” Patrick Hurley, Chief Technical Officer of
A123, added, “We see the future moving quickly toward us and are eager to
lead the adoption of solid-state technology among the world’s leading
automotive OEMs.”

A123 Systems Invests Solid-State Battery

Contrary to gasoline and diesel, batteries are continually getting lighter,
more energy dense, and more affordable to boot, but solid-state electrolytes
are the way to go if we want to squeeze a lot more performance out of out
lithium chemistries.

It’s too bad we are still years away from commercialization, but as soon as
these solid-state lithium batteries become available, EVs will continue the
Apple path of faster, more powerful, better … for the same price. And,
hopefully, we will finally get significantly more affordable normal
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