EVLN: No promised Bolt EV production increase> kr/ca/eu deliveries
Chevy Bolt EV sales slowly get back to normal – no sign of ...
April 03, 2018  As expected, Chevy Bolt EV sales in the US have dropped
significantly in 2018 after a record end of 2017. Now, sales of the
all-electric vehicle are slowly going back toward its normal ~2,000 units
per month as there is still no sign of the promised production increase ...
EVLN: Leaf EV take2> Tenka 40kW review
5 April 2018  Nissan has convincingly moved the EV game on with this second
generation Leaf. Both in its design and the way it drives, the Leaf has now
become more of 'a real car,' less an electric gizmo. While that might
disappoint some early adopters, commercially, the car's broadened appeal
makes a lot of sense and will assuredly ...

Chevy Hinted At An Electric Performance Vehicle To Dealers
April 5, 2018  Chevrolet held a dealership meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada,
this week, and General Motors brass allegedly showed a new battery-electric
performance vehicle to those in attendance. Photo, video, and audio were not
permitted, but that didn't stop Nate Chandler of Van Bortel Chevrolet in New
York state from penning what ...
Nissan LEAF named '2018 World Green Car of the Year'
April 5, 2018  The all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF, the world's best-selling
electric vehicle, was named the “2018 World Green Car” at the 2018 New York
International Auto Show. LEAF is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility,
the company's vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and
integrated into society ...
Science Students Step Aboard the ‘Bus Of The Future’
2018/04/05  The driver can spend up to 120 miles behind the wheel before
having to stop and recharge. Oppermann says a school bus is a perfect model
for an electric …
EVcrash: ebus crash& rollover> 3injured, suspect roof pack
Electric bus rolls over and crashes – rooftop battery pack design ...
Apr 6, 2018  It's notoriously extremely difficult to make a vehicle an
all-electric vehicle roll over because the battery packs are generally quite
heavy and result in a low center of gravity. But in this case, it might have
actually contributed to the accident because of New Flyer's electric bus
design which actually puts the battery packs ...

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