EVLN: $199/mo 2018 HMC Clarity EV> not the cheapest Lease r:89mi
May 11, 2018  Those shopping for an attractive lease on an electric vehicle
might want to take a look at the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric. Competitively
priced at $199 per month, the Clarity Electric is also eligible for a $2,500
California and Oregon state rebate ...
EVLN: Tesla-3 feature SW-upgrade for models S& X
Tesla Is About to Give a Bunch of Folks a Free Upgrade … Again
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that all Tesla Model S and Model X
owners are about to get a free upgrade - another one, that is. All X & S
will soon work with no key if your phone pairs w Bluetooth, signal strength
is high & ...

The most popular electric cars by state |
2018/05/11 - HOUSTON — The most popular electric car in Utah is the Tesla
Model X. That’s according to a report by Amigo Energy based in Houston,
Texas. The report is based on what kind of cars people are searching for
online in each state.
Tesla to accelerate its market entry in Iceland, says Elon Musk
May 5, 2018  Iceland is perfect for massive adoption of electric vehicles.
The island's electricity generation is already almost 100% renewable, which
makes EVs super clean, and being a remote island, petrol is expensive.
Albeit being sparsely populated with only ~350,000 people, there's a
significant concentration of population around ...
EVcrash: pack on impact> (eye-tracking co$t vs
Tesla crash may have triggered battery fire, Swiss firefighters say
May 14, 2018  ZURICH — Swiss firefighters said on Monday that the impact in
a fatal accident involving a Tesla electric car may have set off a fire in
the vehicle's battery ...

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