I don't see why Honda brought in a car just a little better than the original 
Leaf.  I got my upgraded 30 KW 2016 Leaf (107 miles compared to 89 miles)for 
$13,550.  No down payment.  $215 a month for 36 months including maintenance.  
A certain amount of free charging for 2 years.  $3k from the state and the 
power company.  $9,500.00 residual...and I don't have to buy the car.  However 
we are as it meets our distance needs.  We are looking to replace our 24kw Leaf 
with an eNV200 or a Model III.  Honda is way behind the curve.  The current 
40kw Leaf is 72 months of 0% APR That is 400 or so a month minus your 7500 
dollars tax credit and 3000 dollars.  Lawrence Rhodes
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