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>I have a set of 80-100 Amp contactors that I removed from an EV100
>forklift drive.
>3 are standard contactors, plus one pair set up as reversing
>contactors with double throw contacts to reverse a Series motor.
>Apparently one contactor was replaced in this drive, as one is not 24V
>but 36V and much higher current: 225A
>Here are the exact numbers:
>CTTA100AA124AN 24V 80A (this one has a sense switch attached to the
>contactor to report its actual position, which is a protection against
>a welded contact)
>CTTA150AH124XN 24V 100A
>CTTA300AA136XN 36V 225A
>CTTA154FR124XN 24V 100A reversing contactors
>Let me know if you are interested, send me shipping costs and they come to you

If someone needs contactors for a 12v system, I also have a little PCB that 
steps up 12v to 24v to drive contactors with a 24v coil. Using a 24v coil 
significantly reduces heating and power consumption in the coil.

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