Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 dual-motor ordering opens next week
Customers can configure AWD and performance editions.
05.11.18  Richard Lawler, @Rjcc

 / Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    Ryan McCaffrey @DMC_Ryan
    10 May
    Replying to @elonmusk
    Elon, any chance we can get an update on Dual Motor and Performance
Model 3 pricing and specs? Air Suspension as well, if you're in an extra
good mood? ??

    Elon Musk @elonmusk
    Tesla will enable orders end of next week for dual motor AWD &
performance. Starting production of those in July. Air suspension prob next
    11:40 AM - May 11, 2018 

In a sign that Tesla's Model 3 production continues to improve, CEO Elon
Musk tweeted that the company will enable ordering of dual-motor versions of
the sedan at the end of next week. Customers waiting for a Model 3 in
performance or all-wheel-drive trim can find out how much the options will
cost and put orders in with production scheduled to start in July,
consistent with Musk's statement last month.

We don't know anything about the specs on either model, but AWD was a $5,000
option on the Model S until it became standard (as it is on the Model X)
late last year. Also, in his response to IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, Musk said air
suspension could arrive as an option in 2019.
Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 dual-motor ordering opens next week
May 11, 2018

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