% an Agera RS Gryphon, an all-carbon fiber, 3,075-pound beast with 24-karat
gold leaf trim that does a ridiculous 1,360 horsepower and 1,011 pound-feet
of torque %

One-off Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon supercar crashes again
May 22nd 2018  Sven Gustafson


 Image Credit: Drew Phillips

Teknikens Värld @teknikensvarld
Ännu en #Koenigsegg har kraschat i Trollhättan.
Detta hände för bara några timmar sedan, ett stenkast från #Nevs testbana.
Exklusiva bilder på http://bit.ly/2rSGmtA  #crash #thn
12:05 PM - 17 May 2018
(Technology World @ Technology Defense
Another #Koenigsegg has crashed in Trollhättan. This happened just a few
hours ago, a stone's throw from #Nev's test track ...)

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Is this 1,360-hp supercar cursed?

Almost exactly a year after a rare $1.5 million-plus Koenigsegg [
] Agera RS crashed [
] during testing in Sweden, it's happened again. To the same, repaired [
] supercar.

Swedish outlet Teknikens Varld reports [
] the crash happened last week after the Agera RS crashed into a ditch in a
rural area near the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) headquarters
where Koenigsegg test-drives its cars. It confirms it's the same vehicle
that crashed in May 2017 after the driver lost control of it on the wet

According to The Drive [
], it's an Agera RS Gryphon, an all-carbon fiber, 3,075-pound beast with
24-karat gold leaf trim that does a ridiculous 1,360 horsepower and 1,011
pound-feet of torque [
]. It was originally built for U.S. car collector Manny Khoshbin before it
wrecked last year shortly before delivery.

The Swedish supercar maker reportedly set to work on a replacement Gryphon
following that wreck while pledging to repair the crashed model for use as a
factory test and demonstration car.

It's not clear what caused the most recent crash. The reader who submitted
the photo said it was clear from skid marks the car had been on both sides
of the road. It also wasn't clear whether the driver suffered any injuries.

Teknikens Varld says it's believed to be the first time the repaired car had
been driven in the open since the 2017 crash.

The Agera RS is the world's fastest production car [
] ... [© autoblog.com]

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