Watch Tesla unsuccessfully try to rollover the Model X all-electric SUV
May. 20th 2018  Fred Lambert


Tesla Model X rollover test

Tesla has long been boasting about the safety of the Model X and especially
its low probability of rollover – with good reasons.

Now the company has released some footage of internal tests trying
unsuccessfully to make the Model X all-electric SUV rollover.

Last summer, Tesla Model X officially became the highest safety rated SUV
(by a significant margin) with 5-star rating in every safety category by

At the time, we shared the crash test videos of NHTSA’s tests.

One of the most impressive achievements for a SUV is the rollover
probability, which is the lowest of any SUV – thanks in part to the Model X
having a large battery pack at the bottom of the chassis, which results in a
low center of gravity.

NTHSA gave the Model X a rolling resistance of 9.30% and couldn’t tip it in
its dynamic test.

Tesla also claimed that they couldn’t “flip” the Model X during internal
crash testing, but we have never seen the footage until now:

Unfortunately, Tesla didn’t disclose the speed of the three crash tests.

The automaker released the footage in a tweet in which they highlighted the
Model X’s safety rating from NHTSA:

    “Model X is the first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety
rating in every category and subcategory, with the lowest probability of
rollover and overall injury of any SUV.”

Before the Model X, Tesla achieved similarly impressive results with the
Model S, its flagship sedan.

Now it aims to do the same with its latest vehicle, the Model 3, and we are
starting to see the first results from safety tests.

Electric vehicles are proving to offer some great safety advantages and
Tesla is not the only one leading the way on that front ...

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