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% I have used the uber app when my ice is in the shop. Uber is my medical
back up plan to get to the va hospital (currently 30mins away) if things go
wrong (so far, I haven't had to uber to the va, yet). I've just used uber
for short trips, like to the local airport to rent an ice so I could attend
the end of the 5/12 N.TX Tesla EVent (it was fun)

When he was in Dallas, Bruce met my "Uber/Turo agent", Benjamin. I don't know if they discussed the details of Benjamin's activities but Benjamin is primarily renting my old 2013 Tesla on Turo:
When he feels like it and has time, he also Uber drives with that car. He likes to "talk up Teslas" as well as meet new people. Rather foreign to my personality. There is no Tesla premium with Uber but his Uber customers are generally pleased to get a Tesla ride.

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