EVLN: Schaeffler Converts Audi RS3 Into 1.2k_HP Electric Beast (v)
Audi RS3 gets an 1,180-horsepower electric makeover with Formula E racing
May 30, 2018  That’s rarer these days, but automotive supplier Schaeffler
Group decided to prove ...
EVLN: Marchionne's Fiat e-roadmap plans> (Exit stage left)
For his last act, Marchionne will outline an EV/hybrid roadmap this week
May 30th 2018  Investors demand it of outgoing CEO: ‘FCA is way behind
rivals’ ‘FCA is way behind rivals’  MILAN/LONDON — Fiat Chrysler (FCA) boss
Sergio Marchionne is expected to outline new plans for EVs in a strategy
presentation on Friday ... The 500e will be joined by a new 500 Giardiniera
model, an all-electric compact ... a fully electrified 500 family of
vehicles ...

I drove a $15,000 three-wheeled, electric car around New York City — here's
what it was like
2018-05-29  Around 2010, there were numerous electric-vehicle startups on
the landscape. Sadly, the financial crisis finished off most of them. Tesla
survived, of course ...
DHL Express Cambodia rolls out country’s first electrical vehicle in Phnom
Penh Special Economic Zone
June 1, 2018  Cambodia, 1 April 2018: DHL Express, the world’s leading
international express services provider, has deployed the country’s first
electric vehicle in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone for delivery and
pick-ups within the area …
(?conEV or a muppet dog's breakfast?)> "Bang a bit of plutonium in there"
Mark Richardson calls for nuclear-powered transport
20180601  Mark Richardson has put forward the idea that New Zealand
shouldn't bother with electric vehicles, but rather focus on nuclear-powered
transport. The broadcaster made the suggestion on Three's The Project NZ ...
co-host Kanoa Lloyd questioned what he was talking about ... (video  flash)

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