Lufthansa assessing damage to A340 after tug fire
12 June, 2018  David Kaminski-Morrow

Lufthansa is still assessing the damage to the Airbus A340-300 caught up in
a ground tractor fire at Frankfurt Main airport.

The aircraft suffered smoke contamination of its forward fuselage but images
from the scene also indicate that its nose skin was breached during the
blaze – with the strong possibility that smoke entered the cockpit and

"There is no confirmation on the damage itself," says Lufthansa. "There's
currently an assessment of the situation and it will take some days."

German air accident investigation authority BFU is not probing the accident,
because the aircraft was not engaged in any air transport operation at the

Lufthansa confirms, however, that the tow-tractor involved was a
diesel-powered vehicle and not one of the new electric 'eTug' tractors put
into operation at Frankfurt.

Ground-handling firm Lufthansa LEOS, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik,
recently put a second 'eTug' into service at the hub.

The vehicle, developed by Sweden's Kalmar Motor and fitted with lithium-ion
batteries, is able to tow long-haul types including the Airbus A380 and
Boeing 747 and is designed to cut emissions by 75% compared with a
conventional tractor.

LEOS began using the vehicle at Frankfurt in 2016 and provided feedback to
improve the tractor before taking the second.
TBL 800 is an electric powered tractor designed for pushback and high speed
maintenance towing of aircraft from Boeing 767 up to Airbus 380 ...

Lufthansa signs electric tractor development contract to extend its green
ground handling programme
Oct 30, 2013 - Wed 30 Oct 2013 - Lufthansa Technik's ground handling
subsidiary Lufthansa ... towbarless tractor capable of towing aircraft as
large as the Airbus A380 for ... and airports, will be sold to customers
worldwide as the TBL-800 ...
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Jun 8, 2018 ... an engine compartment fire, and Audi which recalled 1.2
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