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If the Nissan Leaf is a compliance car they sure did fool me. I have had 
nothing but good luck with my cars.  BTW the IMEV is dependable but a sort of 
budget vehicle with low range. I don't think I'd want one.  Lawrence Rhodes

I bought a Leaf in 2011 and was well please for over a year. Range was 80-90 miles and well fit the purpose for which I purchased. In two years and 25k miles, the range was down to about 60; the car no longer satisfied the purpose for which it was purchased. The Nissan people repeated informed that that was "normal" and refused a remedy. This car was sold to a neighbor and 60 miles met his needs. As I understand, that car is now down to 40-45 miles, far less than my imievs, and no longer fits the owner's needs; he gets his new Model 3 in a month or so. Nissan has repeatedly denied any meaningful remedy to both owners. I believe they have offered the second owner a new battery at about $5k. It makes little sense to put $5k into a car that will be worth about $5k with the new battery. It seems Leaf resale value is depressed because of the poor quality batteries and the abysmal Nissan support.

I bought imievs with a range of 60-70 miles and they well fit the purpose for which I purchased. I have no discernible range decrease with the imievs and I remain well please.

One might consider the Leaf a "compliance" car in that it is dependent on subsidies for success. As is the imiev. Teslas, on the other hand, are not dependent on subsidies for the great majority of their sales.

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