We have had three Leafs.  The 2012 Leaf had a bad battery.  We turned it back 
in.  Our 2013 Leaf has normal battery degradation.  We can still eek out a 
hundred miles range on the freeway.  This is at 42k miles.  Still very useful.  
Our 2016 Nissan is still showing 150 miles range at times and this is driven 
miles plus guessometer.  On our last trip to Southern California from San 
Francisco we  went from Salinas to San Luis Obispo  135 miles and still had 20 
percent left.   The 30 kw Leaf is fantastic.  The IMEV simply in it's original 
configuration does not meet our needs   Nissan has made the effort to improve 
the batteries of their cars.  The IMEV in my opinion is an embarrassment to the 
EV design community.  We paid 14k for the 2013 with 2,600 miles on the clock.  
The 30kw was EVen better at 13,550.  We will buy this car after the lease.  
Sorry you had a bad experience with your Leaf but almost everyone with a 2011 
or 2012 had a bad experience.  We also needed fast charging.  I don't believe 
the IMEV has fast charging.  The IMEV is a putt putt for city use similar to a 
smart car.  Every car has it's mission but to compare an IMEV to a Nissan Leaf 
is to compare a Nissan Leaf to a Tesla. In price/performance the Leaf is a 
clear winner.  It gets me where I want to go.  It is comfortable.  It is 
inexpensive.  I don't care how it looks David.  I just wish it had the 
aerodynamics of a Hyundai. Lawrence Rhodes
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