At one time, most cars were EVs. I don’t remember the exact dates when that 
changed, but a good history can be found in Edwin Black’s “Internal Combustion.”

- Mark

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> wrote:
> My wife and daughter have always talked about their favorite teen book
> series (17 novels), about Patty.
> She just casually mentioned the 9th book "Patty's Motor Car" written in
> 1911 is actually an electric car.  She brought down her copy for me and ....
> Then I realized it might be easier to google the story than read through
> all the teen angst... but my google skills are poor and I never found a
> good cliff-notes summary especially written with emphasis on digging out
> the nuances of owning an EV in 1911.
> I wonder if anyone else has dug deep enough?
> Maybe I will start reading it...
> Bob, Wb4APR
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