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Tesla Supercharger attacked as vandals drill into charging plugs, partially
sever cable
January 26, 2019  Simon Alvarez

[images  / Mark Larsen/Twitter

Tesla’s St. George, Utah Supercharger recently became the victim of


A Tesla Supercharger occupied by non-electric vehicles. (Photo:

Led by disruptive vehicles like the Tesla Model 3, the electric car
revolution is steadily gaining ground. Across the auto industry, new
startups are focusing on electric cars, and veterans such as Porsche are
committing to a future powered by sustainable energy. Unfortunately, as
could be seen in recent incidents surrounding the Tesla community, it
appears that there are still some groups who are showing resistance to
electric vehicles as a whole.

Last December, a number of Tesla community members shared their experiences
involving Superchargers being blocked by gas-powered vehicles. While some of
these “ICE-ing” incidents appear to be the result of an honest mistake, some
were undoubtedly intentional. Tesla owners u/Leicina [
] and u/BarcodeOfficial [
] from the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, for one, noted from their experience
that some pickup truck drivers who were intentionally blocking Superchargers
were verbally harassing EV owners.

While such ICE-ing episodes continue to be reported across the Tesla
community, an incident recently shared by Model 3 owner-enthusiast Mark
Larsen [
] showed what could very well be one of the most direct acts against Teslas
to date. As noted by Larsen, a Supercharger station at St. George, Utah —
one of the company’s older charging locations — became the victim of an
aggressive act of vandalism. During the incident, the vandals attempted to
sever a Supercharger cable. The perpetrators drilled into the plugs of the
charging stalls as well.

As a result of the attack, the Model 3 owner noted that three of the
Supercharger’s stalls became inoperable. Fortunately, there were some
security cameras in the area. Thus, there is some hope that the culprits
behind the Supercharger attack might eventually be apprehended. As noted by
Larsen in his Twitter post, the incident has already been reported to Tesla. 

While Tesla’s electric cars are beloved by many, the vehicles themselves
remain polarizing to some members of the auto community. Apart from ICE-ing
incidents and acts of vandalism against Superchargers, there has also been a
rise in reports of break-ins involving the company’s vehicles. In the Bay
Area and neighboring cities alone, some Tesla owners practically felt as if
they were being targeted due to the frequency of attacks against electric

While responding to a Model 3 owner whose vehicle was damaged while it was
unattended, Elon Musk noted that Tesla would be rolling out a ‘Sentry Mode’
as an added security feature. Musk did not elaborate on the capabilities of
Sentry Mode, though it is speculated that the feature would extend upon
Tesla’s built-in dashcam solution and leverage the vehicles’ eight
surrounding cameras for video recording versus one. In true Elon Musk
fashion, the name Sentry Mode appears to be rooted in pop culture, being a
feature of Iron Man’s redundant defense mechanism for JARVIS.

In a recent comment on Twitter, Elon Musk noted that Sentry Mode should roll
out to owners who are part of the company’s beta testing program in two to
three weeks. Considering the pervading negative sentiments from the anti-EV
community today, Tesla’s Sentry Mode would definitely be a timely feature.

There is no doubt that the electric car revolution is starting. Inasmuch as
resistance against EVs is likely to remain, there is very little that can be
done to stop the auto industry’s transition to electric power, particularly
as key markets such as Europe and China have both committed to a future
powered by sustainable energy. Among automakers, Tesla’s disruption with the
Model S, X, and 3 has all but encouraged veteran carmakers to push the
development of electric vehicles, as evidenced by cars such as the Porsche
Taycan and the Jaguar I-PACE. As electric vehicles become more prevalent,
and as more automakers embrace sustainable transportation, one can only hope
that resistance against EVs would eventually fade and die out.
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