Austin teenager, 19, robs bank and makes his getaway on a scooter before
being caught by cops who got his details from a phone app he used to rent
the electric vehicle
27 January 2019  Leah Mcdonald

Luca Mangiarano, 19, (pictured) was charged after he robbed a bank in
Downtown Austin on December 18
Mangiarano made his getaway from the bank on a Uber Jump scooter (pictured)
which he rented using a phone app
The incidident happened on December 18 at the  BBVA Compass bank on the 320
block of West 6th Street in Austin

  - Luca Mangiarano, 19, robbed a bank in Downtown Austin on December 18  
  - He made his getaway on an electric scooter which he rented outside the
  - Mangiarano entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding cash,
saying 'please' and telling her that 'everything will be ok'
  - Police later tracked him down after requesting his account information
from Uber, which owns Jump scooter 
  - He was charged with robbery by threat over the December 18 incident 

A man robbed a bank in Texas before making his getaway on an electric
scooter, police said.

Luca Mangiarano, 19, was arrested Thursday and charged in connection with a
bank robbery which happened at the BBVA Compass bank at the 320 block of
West 6th Street [(map)
] in Austin.

The teller told police that a young man in a hoodie walked up to her station
and handed her a note demanding money, according to an arrest affidavit
obtained by Fox7.

She told police officers that a young white man with a hoodie walked into
the bank and had approached her station on December 18. 

The note said: 'This is a robbery, Please give me all your 100's and 50's in
a envelope and everything will be ok.'

The victim told police officers that she was scared and gave the suspect
cash from her bank drawer. 

Another employee at the bank told police that he saw a male believed to be
the suspect leaving the bank and grabbing a scooter.

Officers were able to acquire surveillance video from a business nearby that
showed a man matching Mangiarano's description riding a scooter northbound
away from the bank.  

During the investigation, police requested account information from Uber ,
which owns Jump, for scooter which was rented in the area when the bank was

Fox7 reported that the suspect rented the bike using a phone app, while the
scooters have the users' GPS and account. This was how police were able to
track him down. 

Uber supplied police with Mangiarano’s phone number, email address and
credit card number. 

Cops then pulled surveillance video that captured Mangiarano in front of his
apartment and concluded he appeared to be the robber caught on the bank’s
still photos from the incident, the affidavit states.

Mangiarano’s cellphone information also showed that he was in the vicinity
of the bank at the time of the robbery, according to the affidavit. 

They were then able to identify the suspect as Luca Mangiarano. He was later
apprehended and arrested by police officers.
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