EVLN: 6'5" 315lb Tyrell Crosby’s girth has Tesla difficulty (v)
Will An NFL Offensive Tackle Fit Inside A Tesla Roadster? Video
JAN 24 2019 ... from the video, 6-foot-5-inch tall Detroit Lions offensive
tackle Tyrell Crosby and Dan both tower over the car ... Later in the video,
another professional athlete steps into the vehicle. He’s 6’8? tall, but
very slim ...
EVLN: Used Tesla-S customized4 $aving as FremontPD-CA patrol EV
Fremont Police Test Tesla Model S As Patrol Car
Jan 24, 2019  The Tesla is the only electric vehicle that met specifications
for size, performance, battery range, and safety, all required for a fully
deployable patrol vehicle ... (pv charged) ...

Elon Musk's mom says Tesla shares manipulated by media, short sellers
January 24, 2019  Elon Musk's mom says Tesla shares manipulated by media,
short sellers ... to share positive news that promotes the “clean energy”
used by the electric cars ...
Tesla to cut production hours for Model S and X
Jan 23 2019  Tesla also faces the unenviable choice of raising prices at the
risk of losing customers or slashing costs by thousands of dollars per
vehicle as the electric ...
Take a $250 Houston-Austin Tesla , just $400 2Dallas
Traveling between Texas cities? Call a Tesla.
Jan 23, 2019  And for those worried about the range of electric vehicles,
Lee said trips are planned so that passengers arrive at their destination
with an at least 15 percent ...

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