A roller coaster on a cruise ship? It's happening
January 24th 2019  Elissa Garay, CNN

There are 360-degree views from the BOLT coaster if you're not too scared to
open your eyes. (Carnival via CNN)
Carnival via CNN  A floating amusement park

There's a new wave of excitement at sea as several cruise lines race to
one-up each other with the latest action-packed, over-the-top amusements.

Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, known for their modern megaships,
are putting a literal twist on their on-board offerings, with some rousing
attractions that are not for the faint of heart.

Now, cruise-going adrenaline junkies can trade chill time for thrills time,
with these high-powered, high-speed diversions on the high seas, including
the industry's first roller coaster and go-kart tracks, as well as its
tallest slide (at a whopping 10 stories high).

One of the buzziest attractions on the head-spinning horizon ahead will
crown Carnival's upcoming 5,200-passenger Mardi Gras ship, slated to debut
in August 2020 at a shiny new cruise terminal in Port Canaveral, Florida.

It's dubbed BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster, and riders on this very first cruise
ship roller coaster will reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour on a
top-deck, open-air track that whizzes around for nearly 800 feet of twists
and turns. That will include a hairpin turn around the ship's funnel -- all
at nearly 190 feet above sea level.

Two riders share the thrills and 360-degree views from one of two
all-electric motorcycle-style cars; speeds are controlled by guests'
propensity for putting the pedal to the metal. Rides on BOLT will be free;
there's a 43-inch minimum-height requirement.

Speeding on the sea

The first and only cruise line to feature a go-kart racetrack at sea, the
innovation appears on three of Norwegian's sister ships: the 2017-debuted,
3,802-passenger Norwegian Joy; the 2018-launched, 4,004-guest Norwegian
Bliss; and the line's newest vessel, the 3,998-passenger Norwegian Encore,
which will be unveiled in November.

On the Bliss, go-kart drivers can set out to burn rubber on a two-story,
top-deck, open-air racetrack, which spans nearly 1,000 feet -- nearly the
length of the ship -- and includes nine nail-biting, hairpin turns.

Joy's prototype track is about 30% smaller, but it will be enlarged during a
ship renovation in April to match the proportions on the Bliss.

When Encore debuts in fall, it will boast the biggest attraction to date,
with 1,150 feet of track, 10 turns and four sections of track that
cantilever the ship's side by up to 13 feet.

With room for up to 10 electric go-karts to race at once, and the track wide
enough for the vehicles to bypass each other at speeds of up to 30 mph, the
pressure's on to show just what you're made of on the roughly
eight-minute-long runs.

Final scores will be posted on the marquee to herald the winner. Rides cost
$9.95 per guest, though full-day and weekly passes for unlimited rides
(inclusive of priority boarding) are available; there will be a 55-inch
minimum-height requirement.
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