EVLN: CNY258k/US$38k Xiaopeng G3> (Tesla-X-ish knockoff/clone)
r-nedc:365km (v)
Xpeng G3 Sure Does Resemble A Tesla Model X: Video
JAN 24 2019  Here is the Xpeng G3 all-electric car from the Xiaopeng Motors
start-up. Yes, it's inspired by the Tesla. As you can see from the walk
around video, there is a lot ... As you can see from the walk around video,
there is a lot of similarities between the Xpeng G3 and the Tesla Model X,
although it's a way ...
EVLN: $30k Naked Zero SR/F teased as HD Livewire competitor r:150mi
‘Naked’ Zero Motorcycles bike to challenge electric Harley-Davidson Livewire
January 24, 2019  Zero Motorcycles has started teasing an all-new electric
motorcycle that looks like it will be a very close competitor to the
Harley-Davidson Livewire coming later ...

Swedish research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries
December 21, 2018  Researchers at Stockholm University have developed a
method to multiply the lifespan of nickel-metal hydride ... rechargeable
batteries that must be melted down for recycling. The inspiration for
Lightning Motorcycles is taking reservations for its $12,998 electric
2019-01-24  A teaser image of headlights plus a few details about the
upcoming electric Strike motorcycle from was
apparently too much for some to ...
(finally): Officials ask EV drivers where2 install public EVSE
Looking for a jolt? Officials ask electric car drivers for help placing
charging stations
Jan 23, 2019  (Louisiana) Clean energy officials are asking electric car
owners -- and businesses who want to attract them -- to help decide where to
place new charging stations ...

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