Interestingly, my family took our first long distance trip in our Tesla last 
summer (~1,200 miles from PA to Kansas).  While in Ohio, we also got hit with a 
rock and had to have the windshield replaced.  Fortunately, there were several 
Tesla Service Centers on the route, one of them had a windshield, and replaced 
it quickly.  Negative was the cost (~$1,000).  Positive was they gave us a 
loaner P100D with ludicrous and autopilot to drive around town while waiting.  

Other than the broken windshield, which has nothing to do with it being on EV, 
the trip was awesome!  It cost us a total of $0.37 round trip , and the $0.37 
was only because we wanted to try out a Chargepoint charger for the fun of it! 


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Thanks to those who gave info regarding purchasing a used EV.  We found one on 
a Tesla Facebook group and purchased it.  My wife is driving it all the way 
from Seattle to Virginia.  She will get pretty familiar with the Supercharger 
network on the way.  Unfortunately she already got hit by a rock so we will 
have to replace the windshield.  I have purchased the chargers and will be 
installing them hopefully this weekend.  

Thanks again 
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