Cadillac is Still 3 Years Away From its First Electric Vehicle Launch
Feb 03, 2019  Manish Kharinta


General Motors is working hard to introduce the first ever electric vehicle
from its luxury brand Cadillac, but it might take awhile.

The phasing out of the federal electric vehicle tax credit is hitting
automakers across the United States. On the one end of the spectrum, we have
electric vehicle giants like Tesla, while on the other, we have big car
conglomerates like Ford, Nissan and General Motors. 

Even though it can be reasoned that EV-only manufacturers will take the big
hit with the tax credit phase-out, the clock is also ticking for mass-market
carmakers. General Motors is working on introducing the first-ever electric
vehicle from its luxury sub-brand Cadillac.

The American luxury brand also announced that it is fast-tracking the
development of its upcoming electric vehicle lineup. Cadillac also confirmed
that it is accelerating the development of its semi-autonomous "Super
Cruise" technology.  

The announcement was made by Cadillac's Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah
Wahl during the JD Power Automotive Summit, which culminated before the
National Automobile Dealers Association Convention and Expo.

By moving 382,184 units last year, Cadillac set a global sales record for
the luxury brand. However, the company's sales fell by 1.1 percent in North
America during 2018. 

Regardless the company seems optimistic about its future this year, as
disclosed by Wahl. She said that Cadillac intends on taking its achievement
in 2018 a step further, by setting a double-digit growth target for 2019. To
help achieve this, Cadillac will launch six new models over the next three

Cadillac parent company General Motors also plans on introducing 20 new
all-electric models by the year 2023. Recently, Cadillac announced that it
is working on an all-new vehicle architecture, which will be the foundation
for "a family of profitable EVs". 

This architecture will help the luxury brand become a frontrunner for
General Motors in the electric vehicle space and will be compatible with
both right and left-hand drive cars for the international market. 

The platform will be able to accommodate front-wheel, all-wheel, and
rear-wheel drive types and will provide foundations for both smaller
crossover and larger SUV body types.

China being the world's largest EV market is definitely a point of focus for
Cadillac. In China, Cadillac will compete against Tesla, its chief rival in
the premium electric space. 

In Cadillac's home market, foreign automakers such as BMW, Acura, Lexus,
Audi and Mercedes-Benz all managed to outsell Cadillac in 2018. 

For Cadillac, strengthening its electric lineup is a strategic move to help
the company attain a competitive edge in both the global and domestic


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