EVLN: DHL adds Workhorse NGEN-1000 e-vans to green fleet r:160km
DHL adds to green fleet with new electric delivery vans in US
Feb. 4th 2019  DHL's vans will be NGEN-1000 models made by Workhorse. The
Ohio-based electric vehicle maker started production of its NGEN-1000
electric van last year ...
EVLN: Tesla acquires Maxwell dry-electrode tech &ultracaps
Tesla acquires ultracapacitor and battery manufacturer for over $200 million
Feb. 4th 2019  The technology has never been adopted by electric vehicle
manufacturers who favored Li-ion batteries. But Tesla's acquisition of
Maxwell might have little to do ...

Jaguar Driverless Electric Pods Broadcast Their Moves
2019-01-28 Jaguar Land Rover has invented a new system that projects an
autonomous vehicle's planned path onto the road to alert other road users of
its intentions.
New Battery Cell Patented By Tesla: Faster Charging, Lower Cost
FEB 5 2019  But, the new patent filed by the Tesla battery research group,
describes how the new battery technology could be useful ...
EVonTVs: e-tron GT EV on Super Bowl Ad (v)
Audi Super Bowl Ad Showcases e-tron GT Concept
February 2nd, 2019  This year's spot, created by Venable Bell & Partners,
focuses on electric cars. The company's prior ads have all been more than
just “Run out and buy an Audi ...
Audi’s Electric Vehicle Shares Its Name With The French Word For Excrement
February 4, 2019  German automaker Audi should have thought about checking
with its neighbors in France before settling on a name for its new
all-electric line, the e-tron ...

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