EVLN: $audi-funded Lucid troll$ automakers dangling IPO
Lucid in Talks to Partner With Carmaker, Plans IPO in Few Years
Lucid Motors Inc. is in talks with automakers about potentially sharing its
electric-vehicle technology and plans to go publi...
EVLN: NaS-tech Energy-Storage> 10 separate sites that .net as1
Sodium Sulfur Battery In Abu Dhabi Is World’s Largest Storage Device
an issue for wheeled vehicles. Ford sold the technology to Japan’s NGK ...
Compared to lithium-ion batteries, sodium sulfur batteries typically have a
much longer useful life. 15 years or 4500 cycles is typical ...

If you go electric, Porsche will pay for your electricity for three years
01.28.19  In terms of size, the firm's first battery-electric vehicle will
be shorter and a little lower than the Panamera. Making it smaller will help
the company avoid ...
Honda secures battery supply contract for about 1 million electric vehicles
with CATL
Feb. 6th 2019  Honda and CATL have been worked closely on advanced and
reliable battery solutions for Honda's future electric vehicle applications.
In the future, we will ...

(Teslonda FrankenEV)
Electric frankencar hits the road – behold the Teslonda!
2019-02-07  A US-based innovator has created the Teslonda – a retro Honda
Accord powered by a high-performance Tesla ...
EValarm: Tesla '(AI)Sentry &Dog Mode'> r&m's keep-summer-safe inspired (v)
Tesla to release 'Sentry Mode' next week as break-ins continue
Feb. 7th 2019  Over the past few months, Tesla vehicles have been subject to
a series of break-ins and ... This feature is only made possible by an
electric vehicle with Tesla's ...

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