EVLN: e-drone flyover> A View to a Construction (v)
Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China shows first completed building in latest drone
February 5, 2019  Elon Musk noted that the facility’s initial construction
is expected to be completed this summer. The production of electric ...
EVLN: HMC Tomo(friend) e-ute> student-designed curvaceous-concept (v)
Honda's mini electric ute concept would make a great daily companion
Feb 12th 2019  The result is a bite-sized, curvaceous electric coupe with a
tiny rear truck bed ... Honda's real concepts give us hope that it might one
day influence a real production car. We think it'd be pretty a...

Tesla cuts Model 3 price for second time this year
2019-02-05  (Reuters) - Electric carmaker Tesla (NASDAQ ... Executive
Officer Elon Musk had tweeted that the referral program was "adding ...
Honda will premiere its new electric vehicle prototype at 2019 Geneva Motor
February 6, 2019  Robotics and Automation News (press release) ... Honda's
new electric vehicle is developed with a focus on functionality and purpose
and the prototype sketch demonstrates this through its clean, simple and ...
Hidden 'Back to the Future' Tesla Easter egg (Outatime, 88mph, jigawatts,
DeLorean DMC-12)
Great Scott! Tesla hides 'Back to the Future' Easter egg on app
2019-02-12  The latest Tesla Easter egg discovered this weekend is expertly
hidden deep within the electric car's mobile phone app ...

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