EVLN: (vw-pr) Small MEB VW EV> there’s nothing radical here
First Look: Every Upcoming Small VW Electric Vehicle
February 11, 2019 ... MEB (Modular Elektrobaukasten ... The battery pack is
under the floor, the mechanical bits are ahead of the firewall, and the
control hardware is spread throughout the chassis ... rear drum brakes... a
cost-cutting move ...
EVLN: (Rumor) GM,Tesla Electric pickup truck
Rumor: GM electric pickup could come from Tesla
Feb 12, 2019  Pickups are the second-largest selling segment of the car
market, and many electric-car buyers have been clamoring to be able to buy a
pickup with battery ...

3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair
2019-02-08  These could be used for vehicle parts, composite materials, and
even body armor ...  USC Researchers ... developed 3D-printed rubber
materials that ... fix themselves ...
What it’s like to drive Freightliner’s electric trucks
ebruary 12, 2019  Freightliner handed over its first eM2 – the first vehicle
in the Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet – last month to Penske Truck
Leasing ...
Driverless, On-Demand Vehicles Will Bring The Grocery Store To You
2019/02/07  Robomart electric vehicles are equipped with driverless tech,
and will eventually be fully autonomous. Initially, public pilot ...
TMC ad shows EV charging @L2 as bad/undesirable/not-as-good (v)
Toyota produces shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell Corolla hybrid
Feb. 12th 2019  Toyota, which has a long history of being against
all-electric vehicles, has produced another shameful anti-electric vehicle
ad to sell its new Corolla hybrid.

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