EVLN: dealer Crawford sez Go-Electric (Strewth)
Leading Sydney car dealer says it’s time to go electric
February 12, 2019  An advertisement plastered on the front page of Sydney's
Manly Daily newspaper this weekend has sent a charged message to drivers on
Sydney's Northern ...
EVLN: Amazon's $700M bite of Rivian pickup EVs> unicorn status
Amazon Invests $700 Million In Electric Vehicle Startup Rivian
Feb 15, 2019  The rumor reported earlier this week that Amazon and General
Motors would be heavily investing in electric vehicle maker Rivian turned
out to be only partially ...

Electric vehicles threaten dealership profits
Feb 8, 2019  The service department is one of the highest revenue generators
at the dealership, but with fewer moving parts and longer service intervals,
electric vehicles ...
Flexible bipolar plates for compact batteries
Whether used for power supply or in electric cars, current battery systems
are based on a series of interconnected individual ...
Shoppers willing to pay more for electric cars, survey finds
Feb 14, 2019  Electric and alternative-fuel cars aren't just for
early-adopting geeks anymore. A new survey by InnovateMR about Americans'
car-shopping practices found that ...
EVSE: Plug yer | EV-adoptee-bill.wa (CARB wannabe?)
Electric vehicles drivers could soon travel further in Idaho
Feb 14, 2019  BOISE (AP) - A state official says electric vehicle drivers in
Idaho must still stick close to their home cities, but that could change in
the next ... 3 years as ...

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