Woodworkers' mobile workshop is powered by recycled electric car batteries
February 11, 2019  Kimberley Mok

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NV300 Concept-van with Nissan Energy Roam: “Respecting the Past; Looking to
the Future”
Nissan Europe  Published on Jan 18, 2019  3:06
The Nissan NV300 Concept-van, a 5-year warranty LCV created in collaboration
with Studio Hardie and premiered at Brussels Motor Show, is designed to act
as a mobile workshop for creative woodworking professionals. It comes
equipped with the exciting Nissan Energy ROAM all-in-one portable
power-pack, the latest example of Nissan’s leadership on sustainable energy
Created from recycled Nissan LEAF batteries, the Nissan Energy ROAM provides
reliable, emission-free and silent power, becoming the quintessential power
accessory, wherever you roam. 

A van conversion for woodworking professionals and craftspeople, powered by
a 'second-life' power pack that uses recycled electric car batteries.

The idea of being able to travel while working is a tantalizing one. For
some, that might mean becoming a digital nomad [
], travelling slowly and plugging into various coworking spaces around the
world. For others, it might mean converting a van or a bus into a
home-on-wheels and bringing your work with you, whether that might mean
running your own business or making films.

Woodworkers, craftspeople and itinerant tinkerers can also get in the game
with this marvelous mobile workshop by Nissan, which is built out of the
company's NV300 model. Done in collaboration with UK-based Studio Hardie,
this solar-powered concept vehicle can go off-grid, and all the power tools
can be powered by an emissions-free, weatherproof power pack that is
actually made with recycled electric car batteries:

Thanks to the ceiling filled with LED lights, the van features a brightly
lit interior workspace, with plenty of storage options from boxes, cabinets
and cubbies, to peg boards that offer flexible ways to organize one's tools,
both inside and on the van's doors. As studio founder William Hardie
explains on Dezeen [
] :

    We decided to create a grid which we could anchor desks, racks and boxes
to; this gave the interior a strong and rational form. We then played with
our three-dimensional lines, adding or taking away to create a functional
Mondrian-esque grid.

    The designs for the tool storage came from years of site work, thinking
about how we work, what tool you want where. We often work in far-flung
parts of the country and having such a versatile refined workspace that you
can use on site is the ideal solution.

In addition to the storage, the workspace includes a wheeled stool on metal
rails (to keep it from sliding around), as well as space to hold a portable
workbench, which can be set up outside.

Best of all, the van is equipped with Nissan's Energy ROAM all-in-one
portable and rechargeable power-pack, created from recycled Nissan LEAF
batteries. It has a a storage capacity of 700 watt-hours, and can provide a
maximum power output of one kilowatt. According to the company, it plans to
commercially roll out the power pack in Europe this spring.

While Nissan isn't intending to commercialize this van prototype, the point
here is to show that the NV300 -- which comes in a variety of sizes and
heights -- can indeed be transformed and adapted to suit a variety of
professional needs. To find out more, visit Studio Hardie [
], Twitter [
] and Instagram [
] ... [©]

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