Tesla Dashcam captures instant karma after angry driver assaults Model 3
February 17, 2019  Simon Alvarez

[image  (Credit: Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 Adventures/YouTube)

A Tesla Model 3 owner is thanking his electric car’s built-in dashcam after
the feature proved useful as evidence for a road rage incident that resulted
in a multiple-car accident. A video of the nail-biting incident, which
featured a frightening instance of instant karma, was recently shared on

The Model 3 owner, who goes by the username Mid-Range Tesla Model 3
Adventures [
] on the video streaming platform, noted that the driver of the offending
vehicle, a BMW [ice] sedan, became enraged after he was called out for
almost hitting the electric car in Lassen St & Haskell Ave, Los Angeles, CA.
This resulted in the driver getting enraged, to the point where he
reportedly attempted to pick a fight against the Tesla owner. As noted by
the Model 3 owner in the video’s description, he decided it was best to
ignore the angry driver.

This only made the BMW driver even angrier. Upon realizing that he was being
ignored, the angry driver opted to spit and throw an object at the Mid Range
Model 3. By this time, the Tesla owner was attempting to record the driver
on video using a smartphone (the incident transpired before Tesla rolled out
the recently-released Sentry Mode [
]/Dog Mode/Dashcam side-video update [
] ). When the BMW driver noticed that he was about to get recorded on video,
he promptly returned to his car and drove off — running a red light in the

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