Lawrence Rhodes wrote:

>> I'm wondering how much capacity the capacitors are adding to the system,
>> as the voltage of the capacitors can never go below the sag voltage of
>> the LiIon cells under load, and can never go above the LiIon cells
>> voltage during regen.
> I am not sure this statement is correct.  I am counting on the caps to
> take higher voltage.
> If the regen statement is true maybe under regen the battery pack should
> be disconnected.  Lawrence Rhodes

It is correct: you are proposing connecting the battery and caps directly in 
parallel, therefore they must always be at (very nearly) the same voltage.

But, don't worry, this doesn't necessarily prevent them from achieving your 
goal.  You stated your goal is to try to keep the peak current seen by the 
battery below 90A despite peak loads of 100A.  When the load changes, current 
will divide between the caps and battery based on their impedance relative to 
each other.  That is, suddenly applying a load to the battery causes its 
voltage to sag (somewhat); however, as soon as it sags even a little, the lower 
impedance ("stiffer") cap bank supplies more of the load current, and so the 
battery sags a bit less (and supplies a bit less of the load) than it would 
without the caps.  The opposite occurs during regen: suddenly applying current 
to the battery causes its voltage to increase, and if it rises high enough the 
controller will reduce the regen current (hopefully).  With the caps in 
parallel, as soon as the battery voltage tries to rise even a bit, less of the 
current goes to the battery and more of it goes into the caps.  Less current 
into the battery results in a bit less voltage rise, so the peak battery 
voltage during regen tends not to spike as high as it would without the caps.

How much reduction in battery current is realized will depend upon how much 
lower impedance the caps are than the batteries.  The benefit will be more 
pronounced if the battery has significantly more impedance than the caps.



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