EVLN: VW lo$ing €3000 on each ID EV
Volkswagen to lose about $4700 on every electric ID hatch - report
April 29, 2019  Details about the Volkswagen ID hatch, the first electric
car based on the MEB platform, are beginning to leak out ahead of the
opening of pre-orders on May 8 ...,q_auto,f_auto,w_1024,ar_16:9/c29oflq1lapmjn2ccogk.jpg
EVLN: 2020 Tesla-R-gen2 not messing around r:1000+km ts:402kph
Tesla Roadster II Range Exceeds 1,000 Kilometers
28 Apr 2019  In the meantime, the full-size Model S remains the EV with the
longest range in the world while the ... Part One The Fascinating Unknown
Cars of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show Could Volkswagen Group's ...

The First Buick Electric Vehicle Debuts in China
Apr 27, 2019  The Chinese are getting dibs on the first Buick electric
vehicle ever, as the car company has made a splash with its Velite 6 wagon,
sporting a fresh design, large ...

Tesla drops price, ups the range of Model S and Model X (not at the same
Apr 29 2019  The American EV-maker has lowered the New Zealand entry price
of both models by reintroducing a Standard Range battery option to sit below
the Long Range ... get the Ludicrous Mode upgrade at no additional cost ... 
normally a $16k option ... Which does seem sightly ludicrous ...

Tesla: Tesla Cars Are Ten Times Less Likely To Experience Fire Than
Apr 22, 2019  Tesla tells KDKA its cars are ten times less likely to
experience a fire than a gas powered car and it is constantly working to
improve the safety of its cars and batteries ... National stats bear that
out with the ratio of gas powered car fires to electric car fires 52,000 to
one ... EV extinguished | fire odds 52000 to 1 (v)
Coquitlam fire chief says no issues battling Tesla blaze
Apr 25, 2019  “It was a single vehicle accident, the car hit a lamppost at
what we were advised ... orange cable which carries the high-voltage wires
needed in electric vehicles ...

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