This is pretty close to something I would buy. I see it's available for 37100 euro in france, where it probably could be purchased and brought to the US (I know this once was possible).

Some people will balk at this, but my limiting factor is I need more range - about 250 miles. I would like to own just one vehicle that I can take hiking, skiing, and haul building materials, etc. These are activities where it is not practical to rent a vehicle. Otherwise I would need two vehicles, one for hauling things locally and one for longer distances. But even with two vehicles, there isn't currently anything affordable that will go 250 miles on a charge and have enough ground clearance for forest service roads (can the Bolt suspension be modified without compromising range?). The e-nv200 would work really well, I think.

I'll let them know.


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Subject: [EVDL] Formally complain to Nissan If you want an e-NV200 in North America.

800.647.7261 option 7.  This is where you can call Monday through Friday to 
lodge any kind of complaint.  While the e-NV200 is on the website and in Europe 
it is not for N. America.
 Here it is but not available. Such a shame.
This is the link where you can see the concept. If you complain formally to 
Nissan maybe they will bring this useful vehicle to our shores.  Lawrence Rhodes

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