EVLN: €850k Jaguar-e ts:265kph | iEV40 4Brazil BRL140k/US$34.2k
Irish company strikes €40m deal to reproduce an electric E-Type Jaguar
May 19 2019  Electrifi converts classic cars into electric vehicles using
Tesla parts and components. The Powerscourt-based start-up will link up with
British company Evolution ...
EVLN: (un-peta) Tesla-S Interior> Mick-Dundee style
Crocodile Dundee Would Be Proud Of This Tesla Model S Custom Interior
It’s not just that these are fully electric vehicles or that they feature
ultra advanced safety tech, as their modern-looking ... (Custom leather
nightmare) ...

+ (Brazil at 1st: iEV40 O carro 100% elétrico da JAC Motors)
Chinese Automaker To Start Selling Electric Vehicles In Americas
May 10th, 2019  That price of 139,990 BRL will make it the cheapest electric
vehicle in the Brazilian market. Adding the JAC iEV40, there are five
electric vehicles that will be ...

 (Romeo pack pr - trolling4$)
Battery Pack Company Romeo Power Raises Funding From BorgWarner
May 9, 2019  “This joint venture will ... complement our strong existing
propulsion portfolio, ... fill a gap in the marketplace between battery cell
manufacturers ... & electric vehicle customers ...
Who’s Behind The War On Electric Cars?
May 17th, 2019  If you follow the news about electric cars, you are aware
that a serious amount of pushback against EVs is developing across America
EVwars> China's Hunger4 EVs vs serious pushback against
China's Hunger for Electric Vehicles Is Driving Manufacturing
(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Last year, the world's consumers bought more than 2
million electric vehicles. By 2025, they'll be buying 10 million; by 2040,
56 million ...

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