Spotted in the wild: electric FedEx delivery vehicle
May 24, 2019  

Electric FedEx delivery truck spotted in downtown Los Angeles

We spotted a battery electric FedEx delivery vehicle in downtown Los Angeles
Friday and thought we’d share the find with our readers.

Electric delivery vehicles — the workhorse of the last mile in the delivery
chain — are making appearances all over the globe. In fact, earlier this
year IKEA announced earlier that by 2025 it will do all of its customer
deliveries by electric vehicle.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NAFCE) reports that a
medium-duty urban delivery van on a stable route of between 50 to 100 miles
per day could be one of the earliest commercial vehicles to viably operate
as an all-electric workhorse. That’s because charging can be done
predictably, stop-and-go traffic can tap into regenerative braking and
there’s a sweet spot of miles driven. It’s the same argument that’s being
used by companies like BYD and Mack to sell electric refuse trucks.

The sighting of FedEx’s BYD light truck, might have been predictable. As
Katie Fehrenbacher, Green Biz’s senior writer and analyst wrote in March
“delivery giants UPS, FedEx and DHL all have been buying electric delivery
vans where it makes sense in specific cities. DHL has set a target of
operating 70 percent of first and last-mile delivery services with ‘clean
transport modes’ by 2025. Last month, the company said it would roll out 30
electric delivery vans in the San Francisco Bay Area made by Workhorse

The electrification of freight trucks is just starting, but it has the
potential to revolutionize the industry just as the dieselization of
locomotive engines revolutionized freight transport in the 1940s and 1950s.
Mike Roeth, NACFE executive director, said, “Electric trucks present a new
world of potential business opportunities and are no longer speculation.
Fleets choosing electric trucks today will get on the learning curve ahead
of those that wait.”

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