Elon Musk mocks Audi's electric car ad; provoking hilarious reactions on


Alan Sheard @VxfuryB
Audi Headquarters rn
4:38 AM - May 25, 2019
When you don't want to make ads but capitalise from other's ads
Audi (ad)  @Audi
6:46 AM - 9 May 2019 

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, has openly mocked Audi's new ad [
] boasting about their new electric car. Tesla has been at the forefront in
electric cars segment and has practically transformed the sector with its
killer looks and impressive performance.

Musk retweeted Audi's tweet of their new ad adding a comment saying "great
ad" [
] and then another one where a fan translated Audi's e-tron to French.

Elon Musk's tweet sparked hilarious reactions by Tesla fans.

Audi's ad for it's E-tron is a fine show anyway, showing the true power of
the electric beast! ... [read comments
] ... [©]

 é = POS

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