Mitsubishi electric SUV in the works
May 25, 2019  Mark Kane


In the near-future Mitsubishi could introduce a next-generation Outlander
PHEV, Eclipse Cross PHEV and ASX BEV

Mitsubishi is gearing up for a reorganization of its crossover/SUV lineup
and greater differentiation between the three models - Outlander, Eclipse
Cross, and ASX (aka RVR or Outlander Sport) from 2020.

For example, the length difference between the models will be around 200 mm,
which means that the Outlander needs to be slightly longer, while the ASX
needs to be shorter. That way Mitsubishi will achieve differentiation
similar to Nissan's X-Trail, Qashqai, and Juke.

    “Today we aren’t in an ideal position, with our SUVs close in size, but
in the next 18 months you will start to see a strategy that separates them

The second thing is that the Japanese manufacturer intends to introduce more

... ASX to get an all-electric option ...

    “We will not have a unique nameplate, but instead offer the appropriate
electrification options for the vehicles and how people will use them,”

Mitsubishi is also considering the introduction of the next-generation
Mirage in conventional and electrified versions.

Solar-boosted Sono Sion electric car will be made in Sweden at former Saab
Apr 24, 2019  German automaker hopeful Sono Motors ... intends to assemble
its solar-assisted electric car, the Sion, at the former home of Saab
Automobile ...

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