This was not intended as a joke or as a pseudo-The Onion article.

If pollution cannot be mitigated at the source (for whatever reason), and
that pollution is causing problems, and those affected have a way to take
action or are required to take action...things will probably be tried*.
(The tunnel approach may be useful...enclose all roads or move them
underground and then filter all air in them.)

* the dispute with California continues. The latest is the EPA is telling
California that the homeless population there is resulting in Clean Water
Act violations (yet fracking is okay?).
Also, a few days before that California was called out for not meeting air
quality standards, just after being told it can't regulate emissions...

Tesla has already demonstrated that their HEPA filter carrying cars (most
2016 and newer S/X) can function as air scrubbers for PM2.5 pollution,
cleaning both the cabin air and surrounding air (at least until the filter
is clogged). See link for test.

(BTW, PM2.5 exposure levels can also be translated into a "cigarettes
smoked per day" equivalent health risk. 22 ug/m^3 = 1 cig per day. On the
Air Quality Index scale, 22 ug/m^3 of PM2.5 is AQI 71 or 'Moderate'. Los
Angeles average 24 hr air quality is the equivalent of about 1/2 of a
cigarette per day, per person. EVs do reduce but not eliminate local PM2.5 are still a source, as are brakes, when regen isn't
enough by itself.)

There are also parallels elsewhere. City-scale water filtration systems are
being added in communities across the country to deal with water pollution
problems that our society has created for ourselves by not stopping
pollution at the source. Now instead of sourcing water from pristine lakes,
rivers, and aquifers, advanced filtration is necessary. Some cities are
actively trying to protect their water sources to avoid needing to go down
the route of costly extra filtration later.


On Sat, Sep 21, 2019, 10:22 Mark Abramowitz via EV <>

> I see that my post was not clear.
> I’m asking for any evidence that anyone at any agency, in the legislature,
> or any NGO has actually proposed this.
> - Mark
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> > Please tell us why you think that this is not a joke. This idea ranks up
> there with cutting holes in the mountains or using large fans to blow sway
> air pollution.
> >
> > I’ve not heard this suggested, and am skeptical that it has.
> >
> > - Mark
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> >> From: Russ Sciville via EV <>
> >>> I had to reply to this! Am I to understand that air scrubbers
> >>> situated along highways will reduce pollution from vehicles? :-D
> >>> That must be a joke.
> >>
> >> Sadly, it's not. Irrational laws may require irrational solutions. If
> you're required by law to improve air quality, and prevented by law from
> doing it at the source, what other choices do you have? Roadside scrubbers?
> Ban driving in certain places and times, like some countries have done?
> >>
> >> Tunnels already require complex ventilation and filtration systems to
> keep the air fresh enough to safely breathe. Likewise, old power plants
> often have added-on scrubbers.
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