Very encouraging. I wish it were even more aggressive, but this is still good.

Here, in Seattle, it's visually evident that a huge amount of particulate comes from shipping. Especially during april and may, during our shutdown, the air was exceptionally clean - except in the harbor area.

I think a stronger CARB measure would require a shift to EV short haul trucks - think UPS residential deliveries, etc. - at an accelerated schedule. The technology is more than adequate now and the bottom line almost certainly indicates choosing an EV.


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California mandates shift from diesel to electric trucks starting in 2024
June 26, 2020  The goal is to have nothing but electric trucks being sold by
2045. Remember smog? California sure as heck does ... "For decades, while
the automobile has grown cleaner and more efficient, the other half of our
transportation system has barely moved the needle on clean air," ... (Volvo
VNR semi e-truck)
California takes bold step to reduce truck pollution

 ... Electric trucks rule will create jobs and cut cancer-causing pollution
2020-06-27  This commonsense, achievable standard will create thousands of
clean transportation jobs, inject billions of dollars into the economy and
slash cancer-causing pollution ... The vote to adopt California’s electric
trucks rule today should be ... treat their workers fairly and manufacture
and ...
 california smog images

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