EVLN: D2H L7E low-co$t 4whl .uk e-tuk
UK Consortium Developing LCEV All-Electric Tuk-Tuk Competitor
June 23, 2020 ... D2H is leading a consortium to design an innovative,
low-cost electric vehicle chassis that has the potential to replace the
Tuk-Tuk. The design meets the L7E Heavy Quadricycle EU classification, which
means it’s currently exempt from crash test assessment. Still, D2H says the
LCEV chassis has been designed to raise the bar for safety performance in
its price segment ...

EVLN: Smart ForTwo EV Range Torture Test (v)
Check Out This Crazy Smart ForTwo Electric Car Range Torture Test
June 22, 2020 ... The Loveland Trials trip covers a total of 140 miles, but
it's full of uphill and downhill sections. You might actually be quite
surprised at how far the electric city car ...

60 free2use ad-based Volta L2 EVSE @Giant Supermarkets

$1400+ Smart EV tuning module bumps up performance (v)
Lyft wants EVs but won't help drivers pay for them
Lyft promises to go all-electric by 2030, but it won't pay drivers to make
the switch to electric cars
 ... Lyft does, however, hope to "help drivers access incentive funds"
provided by someone else, although the company is not specific about who it
expects to pony up. Less than a decade from now, when you order a ride from
Lyft, you'll almost certainly get picked up in an electric car – or some
similarly zero-emissions vehicle ...

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