Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Buyers Can Place Deposits Starting Now
Jun 29, 2020  The Badger will be unveiled on December 4 and in the meantime,
you choose how much money to deposit to hold one: the company will match it.
-Nikola has opened reservations for its upcoming Badger [battery] electric
... pickup.
-The automotive startup also announced that the Badger will be unveiled on
December 4 at its annual Nikola World event.
-Deposit holders will secure spots at the event and be entered to win a free
Nikola ... reservation holders could place deposits on their vehicles
starting now and that the vehicle will be shown off at Nikola World from
December 3 to 5, 2020 with the unveiling of the Badger occurring on December

Why Upstart Nikola Is Trolling Tesla
Jun 29, 2020  The EV truck startup has a $23 billion valuation — staggering
for a company that generates virtually no revenue and has yet to sell
anything ... Nikola Motor is taking pre-orders on its consumer-facing Nikola
Badger pickup truck ... which will retail for an estimated $60,000. Nikola
hopes it will be a direct competitor to Ford’s F-150 in 2022 ...*H7O95my4LhmV4snDqvSrFA.jpeg

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