Police: Tesla That Hit Mass. State Trooper's Vehicle Was In Autopilot
2020-06-30  The driver allegedly told police he "must not have been paying
attention" ... a Weston man driving a Tesla slammed into a Massachusetts
State Police cruiser that was stopped in the left lane of the road,
propelling the SUV forward into Smith's vehicle before spinning out ...
according to court documents ...

+ (.cn geopolitical prize> rare-earth$)
US Report Says China Prizes Rare Earths Industry for Geopolitical Influence
June 29, 2020  WASHINGTON - Beijing is using state subsidies to build up its
rare earths industry and plans to use it as a geopolitical weapon against
the West ... “They’re not concerned with economic return in many of these
cases,” ... Rare earths are used in everything from smartphones to electric
car motors, as well as military jet engines, satellites and lasers ...

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