Nice looking truck, but meeting the demands of commercial operators will 
require more than a 4.5 foot bed and 7,500 pounds of towing (that looks more 
like a Toyota Tacoma). So what are they doing with those 4,400 ft. lb. of 
torque? F250 diesel max torque is about 1,000 ft. lb. and towing 18,000 pounds 
plus. Looks more like they are catering to the commercial boss who drives 
around to different sites and maybe brings some small equipment or materials to 
the real workers who are still driving diesels. Maybe this is just the 
beginning and there will be more configurations later.

George Mullineaux
3rd Shift Wrench Monkey

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 Are we still laughing at hub motors? Unsprung weight? Or does Lordstown know 
what they're doing?
Lordstown Motors Takes The Wraps Off Its Endurance Electric Pickup Truck June 
28th, 2020  The Lordstown Endurance is an American-made all-electric pickup 
truck with 4 in-wheel motors that use technology licensed from Elaphe, 600 
horsepower, a stump-pulling maximum torque of 4,400 ft-lbs, and a range of 250 
miles. By design it looks pretty much like a standard pickup truck ...;!!CvttNVKvMsQ7MGjF!qxftRaxQKW_j-xjiXH1rDahHedcJQZQoPeobClCYWsmdXbaJSi9Pz8YB6-IUH3TFmC-MaZQN52_H648$

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